FEATURED: Scott Helman

Scott Helman Main press shot_SMALL2014 - photo Chris Payne

Happy New Year!

My sincerest apologies for not having posted anything else before 2015’s arrival, but as I’m sure you’re all aware, the holidays are a busy time for almost everyone. I hope you all (except for that lady who stole my money at the Skytrain station) had a lovely time, no matter what you were celebrating.

Regardless, I’m beyond excited about this new interview because after discovering his existence, I immediately considered him one of my favourite artists, right alongside Jake Bugg. I suppose these two are somewhat similar; given the fact that they’re both first and foremost about the music, and if fame and fortune decide to follow, well, that’s purely a bonus. I can’t even begin to imagine what would happen if we put them in a room together. Just kidding. I know exactly what would happen: the heavens would open up and sweet, sweet musical babies would be made.

Plus, the more and more I learn about Scott Helman, the more I want to be his best friend. He’s not too keen on 80’s pop (nobody’s perfect) but the fact remains that it doesn’t stop him from having a Duran Duran dance party — and that’s a very important thing. And let’s be honest, Duran Duran is the only 80’s pop group that truly matters. Anyway, I really hope you guys enjoy the interview and will pick up a copy of Scott’s EP, Augusta, which, in my humble opinion is probably one of the greatest things to come out of 2014. It’s ideal for evening dance parties on the roof of your apartment building with friends (I know this from experience).

Love you guys!


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