6 Minutes With: Vidya Sethu from Heiress to Atlas

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HEIRESS TO ATLAS burst into life when two strangers met over the Internet and decided there was no turning back. The birthchild of Australian singer Vidya Sethu & NY producer Marc Thomas, the electro pop duo captures magic in misery: memorializing heartbreak and alienation with soaring melodies that celebrate being exposed.

Soulful and atmospheric, their sound is sometimes brooding, sometimes restless, always laced with hope. Since the project’s conception in Summer 2014, the duo have gone on to play several venues and events in Los Angeles, including The Airliner, Harvelle’s, Pancakes & Booze LA, Chocolate & Art LA, The Dresden, State Social House & Los Globos. They are currently recording their first EP, Spark, to be released soon.

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