6 MINUTES WITH: G Matthews

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When G Matthews calls herself an independent artist, she means a whole lot more than how her music gets released. You can hear her strength, individuality and unfettered spirit in every song.

The Southern California native brings together alternative rock with street-smart pop and irresistible rhythms, creating an unshakable foundation for her heartfelt lyrics. It’s a sound that could only have grown from the Golden State while being uniquely G.

G always knew she was going to be a performer. It’s funny now to remember how badly she bombed her first audition, but that flop was what made her realize that raw talent needed to be honed by training and practice. By age 19, G thought dance would fill her need for creativity, so she shifted her attentions and became a backup dancer. She was on stage performing, but she was not following her dream, so after a few years G put away her Capezios and explored other avenues of expression.

As she pondered the void she felt in her life, G’s thoughts kept returning to singing. She found herself mentally replaying one particular evening, the night she saw No Doubt perform live and watched a woman take charge of a band that wholeheartedly rocked out. And when that front woman, Gwen Stefani, sang “Trapped in a Box,” G felt like those lyrics were describing her own life.

G knew these thoughts meant she had to seize the moment and focus on the dream she’d had from the very beginning. She returned to using her voice, but this time with a maturity that required her to practice, learn, study, and practice some more. Soon she was getting gigs as a back-up vocalist and exercising her powers by interpreting other people’s songs.

G recently made the leap to creating her own original music, so now fans can hear her journey for themselves in songs like “Backtrack,” “Chasing Happy” and “Judge Me Not” from her debut LP, Chasing Happy. You can also catch her in action around Los Angeles while she brings her inimitable live experience to venues including the world famous Whisky a Go Go, The Viper Room, and The Mint.

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