This Week’s Theme: Pink

Who doesn’t love the colour pink?! It looks good in all shades, neon, bright, pastel… I don’t think it’s possible to go wrong with it! I had a hard time compiling this list and narrowing it down to just five things… but I managed! Here are some of my all-time favourite things that have to do with pink!

Better Than Sex Mascara: Okay, okay… so the actual product isn’t pink, but the exterior is! I was torn between a pink lipstick and this, but you’ll see in my next “Faves” post why I went with this one. This mascara has a lot of mixed reviews, some people say it clumps, others say it’s flaky or messy, but no one can deny that it adds length and volume! I have naturally long lashes, but I need a dark mascara to make them stand out. Sometimes I use this, sometimes I’ll use Gifted by Tarte, and sometimes I’ll use both at once! It’s a bit on the pricey side if you’re not used to buying “high end” makeup, at $30 CAD.

Here’s a close up of my lashes with Better Than Sex Mascara

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub: I have a confession: one day when I was lounging around in bed, reading my book, I ate some of this. That’s how good it is. It tastes incredible (kind of like these raspberry candies my mom used to get) and it removes all the unwanted dead skin from your lips! Like I mentioned in a previous post, Lush is one of my favourite brands and I get a lot of stuff from them, but I only started using this product back in February. I haven’t looked back! One of the best things about it is that the main ingredient (other than sugar) is Jojoba oil, which, “moisturizes the lips without leaving any shine or oily feeling behind”. Oh, and the fact you can lick it off once you’re done scrubbin’! Price-wise, it’s $10.95 CAD for 10kg.

Ceres Guava Juice: I first discovered guava juice at a restaurant called The Banana Leaf in downtown Vancouver. According to, the drink is loaded with Vitamin C, has cancer-fighting properties, helps control blood sugar, maintains eye health, and is full of Phytonutrients (which I had to Google, and apparently they’re chemicals that help protect plants from germs, fungi, bugs, and other threats). I’m not sure if this is any different from other juices, but hey, I’m sold! I should probably mention that it does have somewhat of an odd texture and probably isn’t what you’re expecting. My favourite brand is Ceres (none of these are sponsored posts, by the way), because it tastes exactly like what I get at The Banana Leaf — it might even be the same!

Pretty in Pink: This is probably my all-time favourite John Hughes flick. Duckie is one of my favourite (tragically) fictional characters and I would give my left leg (I feel like it’s my less dominant one) for him to be my best friend. In case you’re an uncultured swine and haven’t been introduced to the magic that is Molly Ringwald, John Cryer, and Andrew McCarthy’s love triangle, let Google explain: Andie Walsh is a teenager who lives in the dingy part of town with her terminally underemployed dad. She works at a record store with eccentric Ionia and is considered a misfit at her uppity high school, but somehow she rises above them all. Her oddball best friend, Duckie, is hopelessly in love with her, so he causes trouble for her romantic pursuits. When local rich kid Blaine develops a fascination with her, they go out on a date together. Visiting the home bases of each social clique, they are basically ridiculed for their audacity to date one another. When Blaine eventually asks the delighted Andie to the prom, he is threatened by his rich friend Steff. The romance versus high school social politics finally culminates at the big night of the prom. Sound cliche? It is. But it’s undoubtedly the best take on the underdog-gets-the-hot-popular-dude cliche there is.

Atom Eve (from Invincible): As many of you know, one of my favourite comic book series is Robert Kirkman’s Invincible (gotta give credz to Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley too). It’s a pretty generic sounding story about a teenager, who after waiting for years and finally losing hope, gets the powers he’s always dreamed of. Then he’s off to fight crime in between classes and trying to get the attention of one of the hottest girls in school: Samantha Eve Wilkins (aka Atom Eve). Eve’s a badass babe who can manipulate atoms in any way she wants. Want a cake? Give this girl 10 seconds and you’ll have your cake. Honestly? The dream. I don’t want to give too much away, as I HIGHLY recommend you check it out. The plot may not be incredibly original, but I promise you it’s unlike most superhero comics out there. They’ve just announced the film adaptation and I am both nervous and excited. I think either Holland Roden or a redheaded Lili Reinhart would make for awesome portrayals. Also, Nick Robinson is the only acceptable candidate for Mark. The only one.

Wow! Another week done. Hope you’re all having a lovely spring!

Until next time.


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