CAUSE: Shark Finning

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Sharks have a bad reputation, but they are an imperative part of the animal kingdom and marine ecosystems. I’m including a short video below from Discovery Channel’s Andy DeHart, where he explain the importance of sharks to not only the well-being of our oceans, but how it can affect humans as well.

So what is exactly is shark finning? Shark finning refers to the removal and delignening of shark fins while the remainder of the shark is discarded in the ocean. Sharks are tossed back to the ocean without their fins are often still alive; unable to swim effectively, they sink to the bottom of the ocean and die of suffocation or are eaten by other predators. You cannot deny that this is cruel and unnecessary way for any creature to die.

An estimated 100 million sharks are killed every year with fins from up to 73 million used for shark fin soup, primarily to supply the market in Mainland China. A pair of shark fins can sell for as much as US$700 per kg in Asia. Some shark populations have declined by up to 98% in the last 15 years and nearly one third of pelagic sharks species are considered threatened by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. – WildAid

How can you help?
– First and foremost, do not buy food containing shark fin.
– Tell your friends and relatives that they may be contributing to the irreversible decline of shark populations.
– Always opt for environmental and sustainable alternatives and substitutes.
– Contact your elected officials asking them what steps they are taking to end the unregulated trade in shark fins.
Sign the WildAid shark pledge, vowing to lend your voice to the 73 million sharks whose fins are used in shark fin soup every year.

Sources: WildAid, Discovery Channel, and Wikipedia.

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