TRAVEL: Madagascar Packing List, Expenses + MORE!

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Posted by Emily on April 28th, 2017 under Travel

Hello my loves!

As many of you know, I’m heading to Madagascar next month and I’ve admittedly already started packing! I wanted to share a little bit about my trip plans with you. By trial and error, I’ll let you know how things go. I plan to make a post with advice when I get home to (hopefully!) make your trip a tad easier. I’ll also update if I should have/should not have packed a certain item, etc.

May – early November is Madagascar’s dry season which means temperatures will be considerably lower (thank goodness). So I’ve packed accordingly.


♢ 4 (100% cotton) t-shirts
♢ 1 long sleeved shirt
♢ 1 pair of flowy elastic cuffed pants
♢ 1 pair of exercise leggings
♢ 1 pair of shorts
♢ 1 long skirt
♢ Bathing suit
♢ Mac in a Sac rain jacket
♢ Sun hat
♢ Hiking shoes
♢ Waterproof shoes
♢ Single pair of earrings

*Will be wearing sweatpants and sweater on all flights because they are the bulkiest items and I am not at all a glamorous flyer.

♢ Sunscreen
♢ Bug spray
♢ Sunglasses

♢ Malaria medication
♢ Dukoral (traveler’s diarrhea preventative)
♢ Regular prescriptions
♢ Chewable Pepto-Bismol tablets
♢ Melatonin (for the flights)
♢ Advil
♢ Band-Aids

♢ Shampoo
♢ Soap
♢ Hairspray
♢ Moisturizer
♢ Facial cleanser
♢ Minimal makeup (primer, foundation, mascara, blush, setting spray)
♢ Chapstick
♢ Deodorant stick
♢ Toothbrush
♢ LUSH tooth powder
♢ Hand sanitizer
♢ Brush (I have a Tangle-Teezer which is delightfully small and easy to pack. I highly recommend this one!)
♢ Straightener (for my bangs which have a mind of their own)
♢ Razor
♢ Travel shaving cream
♢ Pads in case of emergency
♢ Depends (yes really, there may not be places to stop on long car rides)

♢ 2 packs of pencils for the school
♢ Small stuffed animals in case of a sudden friendship/bond with a local child
♢ Journal
♢ Pens
♢ Small flashlight

♢ Passport
♢ Travel documents (insurance)
♢ Small wallet
♢ 3 photocopies of ID, credit card
♢ Small backpack for every day excursions
♢ Euros (Madagascar does not allow their local currency out of the country and only accepts Euros of the USD for exchanges.)
♢ Travel pillow for long plane rides (so much better than the “pillows” on the seat headrests)
♢ Mini lock for suitcase

♢ Phone
♢ Adapter
♢ Camera
♢ Extra camera batteries
♢ Extra SD cards
♢ Camera charger


♢ I paid about $250 CAD for all of my medications:
– Typhoid (you can either get oral medicine or a shot — I did the latter)
– Malaria preventative (the most expensive of everything I had to get)
– Hepatitis A (you can get the TWINRIX shot which covers both hepatitis diseases, but I received my Hep B shot in 6th grade and only needed A)
Other necessary vaccines:
– Tetanus
– Flu
– Polio
– Measles
– Rabies (optional)


♢ Flights
I’m flying out of Vancouver to Paris (9hrs45), where I’ll be spending a couple of nights and then from Paris to Antananarivo (10hrs35).
♢ Tour
I’m taking a 12 day tour which includes:
– Roundtrip airport transfers
– 11 nights accommodation
– Certain meals
– Tours/sightseeing
– Local guides in the national parks
– Entrance fees
– A driver (Normally it would include a guide, but my grandma and I are going to be the only ones booked on this tour, which means no guide. We do have an English speaking driver though!)

*Tour in mind, we do have a few extra days on our own in Antananarivo which will be fun.

I leave in a little under a month, but I’m super excited and my bag is already more than half packed.

Chat soon!


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