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Name: Emily
Nickname: Em (which I am officially changing to “M” because James Bond), Em.K, Emster, Koops, Koopsies, Goofy
Age: 23
Birthday: 02/02
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 5’6” (and a bit)
Languages:  English and French fluently, trying (and failing) to learn Romanian and Arabic.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel (mostly green though)
Pets: I have a turtle, a fish (Old Lace – RIP), a Marimo, and want some Sea Monkeys!
Interests: TV & Film, music, animals, travel, Peter Pan, superheroes, pirates, dinosaurs, Disney, old Hollywood, conspiracies theories, space, history, languages, reading, cultures, geography, earth sciences.
Day or Night:  Night
Film That Made You Want to Become a Screenwriter: Stand by Me
Tattoos:  Catcher in the Rye quote on my right arm.
Piercings: Ears and nose
Talents:  I can recite the opening monologue from Star Trek: TNG on the spot and know a lot about geography/country capitals!
Hobbies: Writing, concert-going, traveling, attempting (being the operative word) to learn new languages, researching cultures and geography, reading, PR, making messes too big to clean up, doing internet stuff.
What Countries Would You Like to Visit:  Jordan, Romania, Nicaragua, anywhere in Africa, Cambodia.

. . .