Stuff People Have Said to Me

“I like your shoes!” – Cody Simpson
“You are so lovely and patient!” – also Cody Simpson
“Ur so underrated like, ur jokes… and I’m never saying that again so cherish this.” – Madison
“Your shirt is amazing.” – Cameron Quiseng
“Thanks!” – Ryan Reynolds, after I showed him a secret exit to the building so he could escape some paparazzi
“I like your leggings!!!!!” – Colton Haynes
“You still have one of the best sneezes I’ve heard.” – Colette
“Your nail polish is so pretty!” – Blake Lively
“Now you’re just getting greedy.” – Wil Wheaton via Twitter
“Ladies… how lucky am I?” – Stan Lee, to me and my best friend
“You are SO correct.” – Ryan Ottley via Twitter
“Fun fact @EmilyKoopman is probably one of the funniest people I know no lie.” – Nandini via Twitter
“Are you the girl that tweeted me?” – Robbie Amell, coming out of an alley after I tweeted him
“I’ll make sure there are sloths present at your funeral.” – Pablo, assuming I’m going to die before him
“You’re a wondrous human being, you know that, right?” – also Pablo
“You just need to get laid, Emily.” – Ryan
“What a nice, English name! I don’t meet many Emilys anymore!” – Peter Noone
“You’re just way more funny than me!” – Bianka

. . .