6 MINUTES WITH: Honey and Jude

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Motown loving, spicy-food-eating, duet singing, hair champions, pop duo Honey and Jude are bringing something that’s ‘twice as nice’ to the musical world of teens, pre-teens, and excitable soccer moms.

Born and raised in Southern California, Honey and Jude are so LA, it’s silly. Like something right out of Grease, their Danny and Sandy- esque charm keeps things fun and fresh at their LA-area shows.

The title of their first single, “My Stupid Songs,” (2015) says it all.

“It’s that whole ‘I love you’ and ‘I hate you’ thing,” they said. “It’s stupid, and you feel stupid for being that way, but we all do it.”

The release of their debut EP, Summer Fling: Don’t Mean a Thing (2015) has been well received, gaining attention most notably from Music Connection Magazine, who named Honey and Jude in their “Top 100 Unsigned Artists of 2015.”

“There’s a definite commercial appeal to this duo, who exhibit well- trained vocal mechanics,” says Music Connection Magazine. “These performers have great energy, solid song craft and it is clear they’ve got musical theater in their veins.”

The repertoire ranges from bittersweet ballads that nod towards a 50’s era sound in “Not Worth a Song” and the dramatic “I Need You” to edgier songs that make being bad feel right in “Wrong.” And it wouldn’t be Honey and Jude without the over-the-top popalicious anthems like “The Lucky One” and “My Stupid Songs.”

Honey and Jude have collectively played several notable venues such as Hard Rock Cafe, House of Blues, The Foundation Room, and more.

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6 MINUTES WITH: Desert Tundra

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Desert Tundra is the Alt-Rock alter ego of Virginia native, now Los Angeles based, singer and guitarist Janet Jelena. Bringing together a strong sense of pop, coupled with rock and roll bravado, Desert Tundra doesn’t let the genre define her content. Setting out to confront the anomalies that go with living in the moment her songs span the range of human emotion from unrequited love to hope, anger and loneliness, in addition to issues not usually broached in the genre like body image. On the surface, her songs may seem like your standard rock anthems but at their core they mirror real life closer than they appear.

Jelena grew up in the small town of Herndon, VA, a northern suburb of Washington, DC. As a child of the 90’s she turned to rock, punk, and Riot Grrrl icons like Hole, Bikini Kill, and Le Tigre for their message and passion. From a purely guttural and emotional standpoint both Metallica and Megadeth resonated with her as a teen due to their speed and anger. Her love of music continued to grow and at the age of 15 she picked up her first guitar, a used Fender Stratocaster that her mother bought for her. Soon after that, realizing her daughter’s passion should continue to be encouraged and refined, her mother enrolled her in vocal lessons.

“I told my mom that I wanted to be a rockstar, and she told me “maybe you should start out as a pebble.” It took me years to understand what that really meant,” Jelena recalled.

After various starts and stops, Jelena settled on the path to becoming a solo performer, taking on the moniker of Desert Tundra and forming a backing band of local players. A chance encounter led her to meeting Dan Reynolds and Ben McKee of Imagine Dragons before playing a show in DC where she took this opportunity to discuss with them what it takes to be a band on the brink. She would take many things to heart from that conversation including the notion that the right producer could help make all the difference. She immediately started researching producers in the area and found Jim Ebert, who would go on to produce her first three EP’s and become not only a mentor but a kind of father figure to her. After the release of the third Desert Tundra EP, Jelena started plotting her to move to California, which at the time was against the wishes of her main supporter, her mother. But Ebert told her that that if she truly wanted to be a rockstar, then Los Angeles was be the place to be. So her mind was set, and with only a little bit of money saved in her bank account the cross country journey began.

Sleeping in her car and staying in sketchy hotels to save money, Jelena hit the ground running when she arrived in Los Angeles, quickly putting together a band of SoCal players using the site Bandmix. When her mother found out that she was living in a small one-bedroom apartment with three guys she decided to once again help her daughter pursue her calling. “This was a huge turning point for me,” Jelena says, “She told me that “if this is really what you want to do then I’ll help you.” She is my number one fan, and I will always be grateful to her for that.”

Now with a little more breathing room, a solid backing band and nothing in her way to stop her, Jelena is able to completely focus her time and creativity on Desert Tundra and plans on taking it to the next level and beyond. For the future of Desert Tundra, Jelena sees only limitless potential. “I can take Desert Tundra and go as far as I want,” she says, “This is only the beginning, and the best is yet to come.”

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6 MINUTES WITH: G Matthews

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When G Matthews calls herself an independent artist, she means a whole lot more than how her music gets released. You can hear her strength, individuality and unfettered spirit in every song.

The Southern California native brings together alternative rock with street-smart pop and irresistible rhythms, creating an unshakable foundation for her heartfelt lyrics. It’s a sound that could only have grown from the Golden State while being uniquely G.

G always knew she was going to be a performer. It’s funny now to remember how badly she bombed her first audition, but that flop was what made her realize that raw talent needed to be honed by training and practice. By age 19, G thought dance would fill her need for creativity, so she shifted her attentions and became a backup dancer. She was on stage performing, but she was not following her dream, so after a few years G put away her Capezios and explored other avenues of expression.

As she pondered the void she felt in her life, G’s thoughts kept returning to singing. She found herself mentally replaying one particular evening, the night she saw No Doubt perform live and watched a woman take charge of a band that wholeheartedly rocked out. And when that front woman, Gwen Stefani, sang “Trapped in a Box,” G felt like those lyrics were describing her own life.

G knew these thoughts meant she had to seize the moment and focus on the dream she’d had from the very beginning. She returned to using her voice, but this time with a maturity that required her to practice, learn, study, and practice some more. Soon she was getting gigs as a back-up vocalist and exercising her powers by interpreting other people’s songs.

G recently made the leap to creating her own original music, so now fans can hear her journey for themselves in songs like “Backtrack,” “Chasing Happy” and “Judge Me Not” from her debut LP, Chasing Happy. You can also catch her in action around Los Angeles while she brings her inimitable live experience to venues including the world famous Whisky a Go Go, The Viper Room, and The Mint.

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Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, Diana Ebe was introduced to music at a young age, beginning piano lessons at four and starting to sing soon after. By fourteen, Ebe had begun vocal lessons and classical training with the esteemed Swedish musical theatre performer and producer, Andreas Eldeen. Vocally, Ebe draws from her training to create soaring melodies.

In 2013, Diana decided to pursue her lifelong dream of being a full-time musician and moved to Los Angeles. Beginning with piano, and by layering atmospheric production over pounding percussion, Ebe produces her own songs with the pop sensibility of artists like Lorde and Lykke Li.

Ebe’s introspective lyrics and haunting melodies create a feel that has already caught the attention of notable musicians including The Doors’ guitarist, Robby Krieger. Ebe describes her work as expressing the “lonely and longing feeling of love and life,” drawing inspiration from nature’s power, daydreams, lust, and love.

Diana Ebe will release her lead single “Elusive Pleasure” this spring, followed by her debut EP in 2016. Crafting tracks filled with emotional resonance and ambient styling, Ebe leaves her fans teeming with anticipation.

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An orchestra of light, comet trails, electrified synthesis of soul: These are some of the ways to describe the musical apparatus that is Beautiful Machines.

With echoes of retro futurism and flashes of AI-integrated art, this team is painting a picture of an era that does not yet exist. Fully realized through a visceral live experience,

Beautiful Machines is using immersion as a way to unearth & explore the parts of one’s imagination that only music can ignite.

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