INTERVIEW: Alec Benjamin

So, it would seem that Alec Benjamin is in the 5% of Star Wars fans that wouldn’t deck me over the head for owning a Jar Jar Binks lunchbox. Which I still bring to work everyday, by the way. My personal vendetta against Jar Jar haters aside, I hope you guys enjoy the new interview with this (hilarious) up and coming singer.

Alec is signed with Columbia Records, but aside from that, he is pretty stoked on the fact that he can devour an entire extra large cheese pizza in one sitting — and rightly so. If you want to learn more, click the photo above to read the interview. The page also includes his social media links so you can stalk him online, because that’s always fun. In the sidebar, you’ll find the lyric video for his single, Paper Crown, so you can jam as you absorb information.

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California Dreamin’ and stuff

Promotional still from my new NBC show “Friends”, 2013

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally heading to California for a month to look at different opportunities there… and have a little bit of fun. I’ll be in the Los Angeles and Anaheim area from March 9th – 30th, and I’m pretty damn excited about it. There is literally no happier place than Disneyland, and gosh darn it, I will spending 12 days there. Then I’m off to Hollywood for the rest of the trip. My friend Blake may be joining me on this adventure, which will make it 110x better.

In other news, I had the pleasure of meeting one of my favourite singers, Mr. Scott Helman a couple of nights ago. He was just as charming as I gathered he was from our interview last December. He’s not only a genuinely nice dude, but he’s a tried-and-true talent. I really hope I get to work with him someday.

ALSO: I am officially verified on Facebook which is incredibly cool. Now I just have to do something worthwhile of being verified. I guess they liked my website. My page has approximately 0 likes, so you can go like it if you want! I’ll like you a lot if you do it. Here’s the link.

Anyway, hope all is well with everyone, and I probably have some new interviews coming up — so stay tuned!


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PROMO: Kaylee Johnston releases new song, “Try”

Happy October!

Once again, I’ve gone MIA… but here I am… back at it again.

A friend of mine and local Vancouver singer has released a new song called “Try”, and I felt the need to share it with you. If you click the banner above, it will lead you to a website called Hype Machine, where both Kaylee and I encourage you to share the song.

You can listen to the song on Soundcloud and pick it up on iTunes as well.

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MUSIC VIDEO: Extra Ordinary – Kate Morgan


I’m super excited about this video. I’ve known Kate Morgan for a few years now and she never ceases to amaze me with her incredible talent. Kate helped me out with an article last April about how to be confident. You can check it out.

I hope you love the video as much as I do! You can pick up the single on iTunes here.

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Hey folks!

I have a new interview with the incredibly cool Mr. Jef Joslin. Haven’t heard of him? That’s okay. You’re welcome in advance. The wonderful people at LaFamos have once again introduced me to some more amazing tunes, and I’m very excited to share them with you! We chatted about Venice Beach, the little bundle of joy about to enter his life, and, of course, music. Here’s a little more information:

“…A lifelong dream of living on the west coast of California came knocking and Joslin answered swiftly. He packed everything he owned in his Toyota 4 Runner and made the long cross country haul to LA [from Atlanta) and landed in his new home January 1st of 2012. Jef wasted no time. Within 7 months, he had made more headway than most who make the plunge into the entertainment headquarters. Besides playing the LA and South Bay club scene, Joslin spent his time auditioning for NBC’s four famed coaches on The Voice, acting in a national Budweiser commercial featuring Jay-Z, and a lead role in Panasonic’s “GENESIS,” a short film showcasing their new GH3 camera. In November of 2012, he opened 222 Studios, “LA’s Most Laid Back Recording Studio,” and went to work on his first full length album, For Your Eyes Only, an amalgamation of epic, mega hook-driven pop songs drenched in Joslin’s signature soul sound, which he released in November 2013.”

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