Thank Yous

Here is a list of celebrities (or their representatives) who have previously donated to my charity efforts:

Ainsley Bailey IMDb | Twitter

I was so touched by your email. The fact that you’re doing your part to change the world for the better at such a young age is inspiring. The world needs more people like you. Don’t ever stop making a difference!

Alexander Ludwig IMDb | Twitter
Alexandra Daddario IMDb | Twitter

Enclosed are a few signed books [Percy Jackson], and one for you as well. Keep up the good work.

Luck & Love,
Alex Daddario

Alyssa Milano IMDb | Twitter
Amanda Seyfried IMDb | Twitter
Amy Gumenick IMDb | Twitter

Please let me know if there is any other way I can help. You are doing truly amazing work!
– Amy Gumenick

Anna Maria Perez de Tagle IMDb | Twitter
April Matson IMDb | Website

You are an inspiration!
– April Matson

Aria Hennessy (Kate Morgan) SoundCloud | Instagram
Ariana Grande IMDb | Twitter
Ben Barnes IMDb | Twitter
Bobby Rydell IMDb | Website
Booboo Stewart IMDb | Twitter
Brett Dier IMDb | Twitter
Brock Zanrosso

Thanks for the support and for being a part of a great cause like Spread the Net!

Buddy Handleson IMDb | Twitter
Buzz Aldrin Website | Twitter
Cainan Wiebe IMDb
Cast of Degrassi (thanks to Luke Bilyk)
Cast of Good Luck Charlie
Cast of Mr. Young (thanks to Gig Morton and Brendan Meyer)
Chelsea Kane IMDb | Twitter
Christopher Paolini Website | Twitter
Clayton Snyder IMDb | Twitter

Dear Emily,
Thank you for what you do! Thank you for asking me to help out the Ronald McDonald House in Vancouver B.C. I’m more than happy to contribute. Here you’ll find four signed photos for the house and one more signed to you. Good luck with the rest of your efforts.

Clayton Snyder

Cyndi Lauper Website | Twitter
Daniel Samonas IMDb | Twitter

Emily, what you’re doing is heart-warming. You sound like a great person. Keep it up!

Daniel Samonas

Danny Bonaduce IMDb
David DeLuise IMDb | Twitter
Debby Ryan IMDb | Twitter
Dexter Darden IMDb | Twitter
The Disneyland Resort Website
The Dollywood Foundation Website
Donny Most IMDb | Twitter
Drew Seeley IMDb | Twitter
Erin Sanders IMDb | Twitter
Fefe Dobson Facebook
Florence Henderson IMDb
Florida Georgia Line Website | Twitter
Forever the Sickest Kids Website | Facebook
Freddie Highmore IMDb
Hailey Morgan
James Allen McCune IMDb | Twitter

Dear Emily,
I’m so flattered you asked me to contribute to the auction. I don’t think these will go for too much, but if it goes for a penny and a high five I’ll be more than impressed. I hope this is enough.

Much love,
James McCune

P.S. I used a silver sharpie like a huge dork, so you can barely see my sig. Sorry! 😀

Jasmine Richards IMDb
Jason Earles IMDb | Twitter
Jeff Cohen IMDb
Jeremy Sumpter IMDb | Twitter
Jesse McCartney (courtesy of Republic Records) IMDb | Website
Jonathan Heit IMDb | Twitter
Jorja Fox IMDb

Best of success.
– Jorja

Josie Loren IMDb | Twitter
Kara Crane IMDb
Kate Todd IMDb | Twitter
Kaycee Stroh IMDb | Twitter
Kendra Timmins IMDb | Twitter

You’re amazing! Keep up the great work, you should be very proud of yourself.
<3 Kendra Timmins

Lights Website | Twitter
Lucy Hale (courtesy of CrowdSurf) IMDb | Twitter
Maiara Walsh IMDb | Twitter

Thanks for your support and keep up the great charity work!

– Maiara Walsh

Marianas Trench (courtesy of 604 Records) Website | Twitter
Marion Ross IMDb
Mark Salling IMDb
Munro Chambers IMDb | Twitter
Nicole Anderson IMDb | Instagram
Nikki Yanofsky Website | Twitter
Peter Facinelli IMDb | Twitter
Phill Lewis IMDb
Push Play
Robert Munsch Website
Ryan Beatty (courtesy of CrowdSurf) Website | Twitter
Sarah McLachlan Website | Twitter
Savannah Outen YouTube | Instagram
Savvy and Mandy
Serena Ryder Website | Twitter
Shane Harper IMDb | Twitter

Emily, you are a cool girl!
– Shane Harper

Shirley Jones IMDb
Skyler Day IMDb | Twitter

Emily –
I think you are such a wonderful person. Keep changing the world!

All my love,
Skyler Day

Stephen Amell IMDb | Twitter
Taylor Swift (courtesy of Big Machine Records) Website | Twitter
Tiffany Giardina (Stalking Gia) Website | Twitter
Tiffany Houghton (courtesy of CrowdSurf)
Victoria Duffield Website | Twitter

I am so glad I could help out with your event! Nice meeting you!! <3
– Victoria Duffield

X Ambassadors Website | Twitter

I hope this has covered everyone! If you or your client is not listed, or you would like to participate in a project please send me an email.

. . .