Heiress to Atlas

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Emily Koopman: Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves and how Heiress to Atlas came to be?
Vidya Sethu: Sure! We were both relatively new to LA and to the music scene here, and were looking for projects. Marc put up an ad on Craigslist looking for a singer and that’s how we met! We both have pretty diverse musical backgrounds and between the two of us, we probably listen to almost every genre of music ha ha, but with HTA we both land on a common musical ground of high-energy songs with catchy melodies and vocals.

Emily: I love your song and video for “Alien Boy” as I’m a huge space junkie. What inspired the song and what would you do if you came face-to-face with an actual Alien Boy?
Vidya: Haha I dare to say that I have! Not someone that I literally created, that would be terrifying and awesome. But I have totally been involved with someone so detached from social cues and emotional aspects that it made me feel like he wasn’t human. Or either way, that we weren’t anywhere near on the same wavelength. That was what initially inspired the song.

Emily: What kind of themes musically and lyrically do you guys enjoy tackling?
Vidya: Hmm heartbreak, isolation, loneliness, but we try to keep things somewhat hopeful too.

Emily: Are there any particular shows you would love to play? (eg: Warped Tour, Coachella, etc)
Vidya: Oh for sure. I mean festivals would be amazing – Coachella, SXSW, Governor’s Ball… but like also putting together and curating our own shows in more intimate venues is something we’re really interested in. It would also be rad to do stuff in conjunction with exhibits/events at art museums.

Emily: You just released your new single, “Bullet” — can you talk a little bit about the writing process that went into that song?
Vidya: Yeah! It differs a lot song to song. For that one, I wrote just a chorus and sent it to Marc as an idea for a song, then he wrote an instrumental and bounced it back and I wrote over that. It’s funny, we didn’t actually end up going with the chorus that initially inspired the track!

Emily: Last but not least, what’s next for you?
Vidya: Building our fan base and promoting our EP and its release this July. We will be playing a ton of shows over the next year too! We’re just trying to get our sound and live show out there!

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