Tim Bengel

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Emily Koopman: First of all, your art is absolutely phenomenal. How did you get started in this particular medium?
Tim Bengel: I didn’t learn it. I just wanted to create something new, so it was learning by doing.

Emily: Can you walk us through your sand and gold art process? What is the most challenging part of the process? How long does it take you? etc.
Tim: It all starts with a blank sticky canvas. I use a special adhesive, who dried very slowly, so I can work without time pressure. Then I put on the black sand. Sand grain by sand grain with a fine scalpel. Sometimes this step needs a few weeks and an abundance of patience. At the end I fill up the sticky free space with white sand and pour down the rest. Then comes the “wow-effect” and the artwork appears. In my beginnings, 2 years ago, a lot of misadventures happened. But now I am practiced and nearly every picture becomes perfect. My biggest work, the Palace of Versailles, needed about 300 hours of work and an abundance of patience. Smaller Portraits “just” need about 80 hours.

Emily: If people were interested in purchasing some of your art, what are the prices and how would they got about doing it?
Tim: The prices start about 25k USD, but the demand is increasing fast.

Emily: What’s been your greatest artistic success?
Tim: That I had the courage to break my management-studies off and become an full time artist.

Emily: What art do you most identify with?
Tim: I like Conceptual Art like Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst or Marcel Duchamp did.

Emily: What inspires you?
Tim: My inspiration comes from my curiosity in art. I asked myself a few years ago: What have I got to do to become a successful artist? My answer was: Find something unique!

Emily: What is your favourite thing you have ever created?
Tim: The Palace of Versailles.

Emily: Which creative medium would you love to pursue but haven’t yet?
Tim: I will do some “ready-mades” and of course conceptual art in future.

Emily: What are some of your other hobbies and interests besides art?
Tim: My whole life is art.

Emily: Is there something you would like people to know about you or your work?
Tim: Now is the best time to invest.

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