Long Way Home

After a failed suicide attempt, Audrey Hill, in hopes of finding some inner peace, packs her bags and sets off to backpack through the Mojave desert. She then finds herself helping two naïve young tourists make their way to Los Angeles, only to discover that the pair are not exactly who they say they are. Before they know it, they’re speeding down the I-15 in a pink Volkswagen van to elude capture by a (somewhat) rogue military officer. Putting her personal abilities and will to live to the test, Audrey places her trust in UNLV professor, George Grier, and pop culture obsessed NASA intern, Mitchell Cleary to help her keep her new friends safe. It’s a close encounter of all kinds.
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The Warners

The year is 1958, and kid sisters, Perrie and Evangeline Milland’s, town has fallen victim to a massacre perpetrated by a cult of rather unusual cannibals. With their parents missing in action, the girls manage to escape relatively unscathed, and begin to travel across Central Oregon to their grandparents’ place in Eugene. On the way, they meet a 20-something turncoat cannibal named Clark Warner, who is desperate to escape his deplorable past. When his family finds out what he has done, they exile him from the group and he too becomes a target of their acrimony. Clark takes the girls under his wing and teaches them how to defend themselves against the invaders, who are now moving from small town to small town. With cannibals hot on their trail, Perrie and Evangeline must learn to fight for survival and look out for each other like never before.
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Brass and Iron

Dodie Bircham is the leader of a privately funded archaeological dig in the Jordan desert. Dr. Gil Harvey is the rich American in charge of said excavation, and his only goal is to find the lost treasures engraved on the infamous Copper Scroll. When nothing seems to come of it, he decides to cut funding on the project and retire his crew. Dodie knows they’re close to something big and she and her local team leader, Muhibb Sleiman devise a plan to keep the dig in operation. They partner with a local artist to create a small item resembling a piece of gold to show their boss back in America. Once he believes his team is on the verge of one of the biggest archaeological discoveries in history, he sends a young journalist by the name of Weldon Valentine to cover their progress. Surprised by the arrival of an over-eager 20-something, Dodie and Muhibb must keep the illusion going during his presence. After several more days of nothing, Muhibb discovers an ancient ring, which they eventually identify as the Ring of Solomon. Excited with their new find, they reveal the news (and their lies) to Dr. Harvey who, at first doesn’t believe them, but after an undeniable validation, plans to sell it for an unthinkable profit. He’s furious that they tricked him and demands that they hand over the new found artifact before their termination. Dodie and Muhibb know the ring mustn’t leave its homeland, and that if it falls into the wrong hands it could lead to global disaster. They, along with a now invaluable ally (Weldon), and the help of the dig’s secretary, Paige Irwin, they flee Jordan and cross the border into war-torn Syria and beyond only to find out the true power within the brass and iron of Solomon’s ring.
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